Carbon Fiber


Carbon fiber is a high-quality material that offers significant advantages over more conventionally used materials, such as steel or aluminum. It has a tensile strength (resistance to breakage due to tension) nearly four times greater than steel and eight times greater than aluminum. It is much stiffer and stronger than both per unit weight, and is among the lightest of all composites. It doesn’t corrode. The only drawback limiting its use has been high cost.


Grail carbon fiber offers the advantages typical of all carbon fibers available today. It has a high tensile strength, is stiffer and stronger per unit weight than steel and aluminum, and isn't succeptible to corrosion. It differs by solving the only major drawback of carbon fiber: its high price. Grail Carbon fiber will offer a lower cost product never before seen in the carbon fiber industry. This low cost will allow Grail carbon fiber to be utilized in applications and industries previously unreachable.


A multitude of factors, but the primary advantage of Grail™ carbon fiber will be the worlds first affordable carbon fiber. By mainting a high tensile strength and a high modulus, the low cost of Grail™ allows for the use of carbon fiber in a broad range of industries.


  • Transporation
  • Infrastructure
  • Renewable Energy
  • Military
  • Sporting Goods
  • Aerospace


LeMond Composites’ commitment to sustainability is fundamental to our mission. Our technology directly and positively impacts the sustainability of the world’s natural and economic ecosystems in multiple ways. LeMond Composites has exclusively licensed manufacturing technologies to reduce energy consumption rates by 75% during the carbon fiber production process. Reduced energy consumption results in low cost advanced materials with added environmental benefits. Lightweight materials have the largest impacts on fuel use in the automotive, transportation and wind-energy production sectors. This reduction in fuel use directly affects consumer and manufacturing carbon footprints. LeMond Composites will work closely with partners in these sectors to promote sustainability on many levels.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

  • Carbon fiber parts typically weigh less than one-fourth as much as an equivalent steel part allowing less energy to be used to set the part in motion
  • The process used to produce Grail carbon fiber is substantially lower energy usage than the traditional method of manufacturing carbon fiber